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push the water mug

  • $13.00

Sometimes things just aren't meant to be... yet. Maybe it's the current form. Perhaps it's the timing of it all. Sometimes that relationship or job or house or whatever it is - just isn't meant to happen the way you would like. So why try to push the water when you can just let it flow?

The things, people, items... whatever, that are meant for you will come. Not to be confused with perseverance, sticktoitiveness, etc. If you're having to push and it's just not happening the way you think it should... step back, take a breath, and let it flow. Why try to push the water?

The mug:

  • 11oz & 15oz mugs available
  • Ceramic
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe

Original design. Designed, printed, and shipped in the US. All original artwork is copyright of pet fetchers.

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