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about us

Thank you for being here and supporting the pet fetchers shop.

We are a local business based in OooooooooooooooooK-lahoma City. (you just started singing the song, didn't ya?  heh heh you're welcome ;) )

We love doggos, cattos, all animals really, simple things, kindness, bringing people together, nature, humorous things, and sharing positive messages.  So while this shop offers doggo and catto related products, you will also find products with uplifting, and positive messages to remind yourself of your own greatness and to share with others, reminding them as well.

We can help make this world a better place through kindness, love, laughter, and being our authentic selves while supporting and celebrating everyone.

See... doggos and cattos already know all of this.  They love us unconditionally.  They are our best friends, therapists, loyal warriors, protectors, tear lickers, entertainers, teachers, rescuers and so much more.  And we think that's one of the reasons they are here... to show us love.  To remind us that no matter what happens, love is the way through it and we're all worthy of it... just as we are.

So, let's be kind… to one another and the doggos, cattos, and animals of the world.  Let's remember who we truly are and let's let love lead the way... through smiles, humor, kindness, positive messages and actions.  Let's decide that doggos, cattos, all animals and all humans deserve to be treated well, cared for and loved.. act on that and share that message.  We can do this.  We can bring a warmer, friendlier, more giving, more inclusive community and we can remember that it all begins with loving ourselves.  I know we can.  We've got this.

Thanks again for stopping by.

p.s. If you have an idea or a design for a product in this shop, or if you see a design that you would like on a different product, reach out to us.  We would love to hear from you.

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