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create your own

Do you have a design in mind?  Did a burst of creativity inspire you?  Have you wanted an item with your own thought, design, or saying? 

Using the design tool below, select a product, create your own design using the text tools or upload a design you've already created.  Once you have it the way you want it, check out and it will be shipped directly to you. 

Or... if you see a pet fetchers design that you would like on a different item (ex. one of the _______ is my superpower designs on a zip up hoodie or other item that is not currently available) let us know and we will be happy to help make that happen.

Keep in mind that you have to own the rights to your design... no copyright or trademark infringement.  Oh... and no hate filled, explicit, or inappropriate stuff either.  Not cool to go there and it probably won't be allowed. Other than that, go on, create away!  Have fun!

Have any questions?  Contact us.

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